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Class of 2017
Student Profiles: MCRP Graduates seeking employment as of Summer 2017
As you review our student profiles, you will notice that this graduating class contains a group of very strong students, most of whom have relevant work experience before joining the program. Our faculty has engaged this class in cutting-edge, applied research and in many community engagement projects that have formed the basis of their training. Employers who recruit from our program have access to students who are critical thinkers, and have extensive experience in team-building and problem-solving.

Class of 2018
Student Profiles: MCRP Students seeking internships for Summer 2017

Internships provide our students with an opportunity to put some of their planning skills and newly acquired knowledge to practice.  These exchanges also enable students to identify timely research topics for their Master’s Projects, including those that reflect the needs North Carolina’s communities.

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alumni mapThe Department of City and Regional Planning has graduated over 2,000 graduates since 1946.  We would be happy to circulate any listings for internships and job openings to our current students and through our extensive alumni network.  We are also happy to answer any questions you might have about the program or to put you in contact with any students that might be a good fit in your organization.

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Carolina Planning offers several career events throughout the year to help you connect with our students. Contact us if you are interested in hosting an on-campus career information session. We look forward to assisting employers in connecting with students. Faculty are also happy to meet with employers to discuss potential workshop projects.

To arrange a campus visit, contact Udo Reisinger by email or at 919-962-4782.



The Department of City and Regional Planning welcomes students, faculty, staff, and all visitors regardless of race, religion, gender identification, sexual orientation, age, or disability status. The more reflective of society’s diversity the department is, the better we are.

DCRP is committed to improving the quality of campus life by valuing the total diversity of the people who live and work among us. As part of this effort, a Diversity Committee was created within DCRP. The goals of the committee are to integrate diversity into the   undergraduate and graduate  curricula, to support and encourage the   recruitment of a diverse faculty  as well as a more diverse student   population. The committee also  strives to support students of color in   their academic, professional,  and personal development, and to provide  a  forum to discuss issues  related to communities of color.

Faculty diversity officer: Associate Professor, Mai Nguyen